Mountain Trail Runs

When it's time for some real elevation gain, technical single-track, and a bit of altitude, I head out of town for some mountain trail running. These trails all have 3,000' or more of elevation gain and reach 5,600' elevation or higher.

Big Bear

Big Bear has a little too much city to make it feel like remote mountain trail, but the lake scenery is definitely nice, and there are some great stretches of PCT in the area.

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Mt. Baldy

The closest, legit SoCal mountain is a great spot for trail running. There's the peak at 10,000' as well as plenty of surrounding lower peaks. But the best options are the lesser known trails that avoid the crowds!

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Mt. Wilson

Mt. Wilson is the San Gabriel version of Santiago. Roughly the same altitude and terrain, but generally better singletrack. Also typically more crowds. But as always, there are the less used hidden gem trails.

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San Gabriels

There are plenty of other great areas in the San Gabriel mountain range, from Crystal Lake and Iron Mountain in the South all the way to Tujunga Canyon at the Northern end of the range.

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San Gorgonio

The highest SoCal peak at 11,500' has plenty of single track and is the place to go for alitude training. I have done more hiking and snow trekking in the area though, so there is stilll plenty of trail running left to do.

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San Jacinto

The second highest of the SoCal Big Three at 10,800' has several great routes to the top. Some of the best are better suited for hikes, but there is still plenty of great trail running to be had.

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Santiago Peak in the Santa Ana mountains is a go-to spot for some low altitude mountain running. 17 miles and 4,700' of gain always makes for a great training run.

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