Mt. Baldy

The closest, legit SoCal mountain is a great spot for trail running. There's the peak at 10,000' as well as plenty of surrounding lower peaks. But the best options are the lesser known trails that avoid the crowds!

Cucamonga and Ontario Peaks

06/26/10  One more trip to the front side of Mt. Baldy, this time for the last two trails I have yet to explore in the Icehouse Canyon area. Dr. Rock joined me for a bit over 18 miles and almost 6000' of elevation gain, hitting two peaks at just under 9000' in one day. The trails were a little crowded for my taste, but otherwise another awesome day on the trails!

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The Three Ts

06/12/10  Returned to the site of one of my snow treks, except this time in dry conditions. The Three T's trail near Mt. Baldy... Timber Mtn, Telegraph Peak, and Thunder Mtn. 19 miles, 6400' of elevation gain, altitude topping out just under 9000'. Another brutal, but fun, trail run.

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Mt. Baldy- The First Time

10/03/09  One of my toughest trail runs. Around 17 miles and over 7000' of elevation gain. This was my first time up the backside of Mt. Baldy on the Acorn and Backbone trails, one of my favorite trails in Southern CA. Physically and mentally grueling. Throw in a forest fire, and you have a great adventure.

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