Mt. Wilson

Mt. Wilson is the San Gabriel version of Santiago. Roughly the same altitude and terrain, but generally better singletrack. Also typically more crowds. But as always, there are the less used hidden gem trails.

Millard Canyon

6/16/13  A relatively short mountain run into Millard Canyon near Mt. Wilson with Dr. Rock turned out to be more interesting than expected. After getting mildly lost, we did a run/hike in an area that turned out to be completely closed for safety reasons. Another fun day on the trails!

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Mt. Disappointment, San Gabriel, Lowe via Echo Mtn

4/27/13  Three peaks in one day... Mt. Disappointment, San Gabriel Peak, and Mt. Lowe. San Gabriel is the highest peak in the Angeles front country at 6,161'. Total run for the day ended-up being almost 18 miles and over 5,500' of gain.

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Mt. Wilson II

11/25/11  A second trip to the Mt. Wilson summit at almost exactly the same time as last year, only this time accompanied by Dr. Rock. Perfect weather, fantastic single track, 22 miles, and over 5000' of elevation gain, made for an amazing day.

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Mt. Wilson- Via Newcomb Pass

11/30/10  One of my favorite trail runs. 20 miles, 5500' of elevation gain, temperatures in the 30s-40s, amazing single-track, and some unexpected twists. Mt. Wilson has similar distance, elevation gain, altitude, etc. as Santiago Peak, so I figured it would be similar in trail and scenery as well. But it's oh so much better!

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