San Jacinto

The second highest of the SoCal Big Three at 10,800' has several great routes to the top. Some of the best are better suited for hikes, but there is still plenty of great trail running to be had.

South Fork

5/13/18  One of the bigger surprises of a trail that I have had recently. I was worried about it being hot and crowded since the trailhead was so easy to get to. It turned out to be cold, wet, and wild, with beautiful, green, almost invisible trail for most of the way.

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Spitler Ridge

4/21/18  A quick run up the Spitler Ridge trail and then down a little ways on the PCT. 12 miles and about 2,500' of gain. The whole area is burned out but still beautiful. And the views from the ridge are fantastic!

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Suicide Rock

4/13/14  A camping trip to Idyllwild with friends gave me the chance for a quick run on Mt. San Jacinto up the Deer Springs Trail to Suicide Rock. About 8 miles round trip, including running back to the campsite, and over 2,000' of elevation gain.

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Marion Mtn Trail

06/20/09  My first legitimate mountain trail running trip. 12 miles and almost 5000' of elevation gain, up the very steep Marion Mtn trail. When I was done, I was swearing I would never do something like that again. But for some reason, I was back at it the very next weekend.

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