Day 2- The Run

5/2/11  The big day. The South Kaibab trail from the South Rim down to the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch. Then the North Kaibab trail up to the North Rim and back down to the river. Then finally the Bright Angel trail back up to the South Rim. 46 miles and over 11,000' of elevation gain.

South Kaibab

The run starts on the South Rim at sunrise and heads down to the Colorado River via the South Kaibab trail. This section of trail is roughly 7 miles with over 5000' of elevation drop and has one jaw-dropping vista after another.

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Phantom Ranch & The Box

The South Kaibab trail transitions into the North Kaibab trail at the Colorado River where Phantom Ranch is located. Just past Phantom Ranch is a narrow gorge known as The Box, which has some of the best scenery in the entire canyon.

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North Kaibab

Continuing on from Phantom Ranch and The Box, the North Kaibab trail covers roughly 14 miles and over 6000' of elevation gain up Bright Angel and Roaring Springs canyons from the Colorado river to the North Rim.

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Bright Angel

After returning to the Colorado River via the North Kaibab trail, the run transitions to the River Trail and then the Bright Angel trail to return to the South Rim. This section is roughly 9 miles with over 5000' of elevation gain.

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