3 Day- 2017

Not in shape in 2017, and this time injured as well, I had to settle for the 3 Day version again. This time 50 miles, and 17,000' of gain. Again no tram on San Jacinto, and this time the super long Momyer trail for the Gorgonio summit.

Day 1- San Jacinto via Marion Mtn

Though it's allowed, I refuse to use the tram for San Jacinto. So I took Marion Mtn instead. It was a tough start to the 3 Days for my aching Achilles tendons. But they actually felt better the next day after the steep, technical 12 miles and 4,500' of gain.

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Day 2- San Gorgonio via Moymer

Most of the Gorgonio routes were still closed due to the fire. Momyer was the only route I had never taken, and the only alternative to Vivian Creek. So I decided to give it a try. Long but beautiful. 28 miles and 7,200' of gain. And an encounter with a mama bear and her cub.

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Day 3- San Antonio via Register Ridge

For the Baldy summit, I went with an experimental route up Register Ridge and then down the Backbone trail to the ski boundary in an attempt to get the best portion of the Backbone without the fireroad. It was a steep way to end the challenge with 5,000' of gain in just 10 miles.

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