San Gorgonio

As the tallest mountain in Southern CA, San Gorgonio is definitely a peak bagging must. There's a ton of fantastic single track, including some lesser known routes that can avoid the crowds.

Five Peaks

5/27/18  A long training day that ended-up being shorter than planned. But it was still 30 miles and almost 7,000' of gain including bagging all five of the 9 Peak Challenge summits before Dollar Saddle.

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Momyer II

4/29/18  My last time up Momyer was as part of the 3 Peak Challenge in 2017. This time it was just for fun. A long day, with 28 miles, 7,300' of gain, howling winds and freezing temps on top did indeed make for a lot fun!

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San Bernadino Peak

5/12/16  A trip with Dad to San Bernadino Peak near San Gorgonio. 16 miles and 5,000' of gain on nice singletrack, together with some unexpected snow trekking, while seeing only a few other humans, always makes for a great day!

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Aspen Grove Trail

08/14/10  The Southern CA big three peaks (San Jacinto, Mt. Baldy, and San Gorgonio) in three consecutive weekends. To complete the trifecta, my dad joined me for the San Gorgonio summit via the Aspen Grove trail. Over 26 miles and 5000' of elevation gain.

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