San Gabriels

Aside from Mt. Baldy, there are a lot of other great peaks in the San Gabriel range including Mount Baden-Powell, Iron Mountain, and Mt. Wilson.

Iron Mountain VII

2/11/21  Yet another awesome trip up Iron Mountain. Just over 15 miles and 7,000' of gain in about 8 hours of moving time. Beautiful weather, just a little bit of snow, and not a single human the entire way. This trail never fails to be a butt kicker!

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Iron Mountain VI

5/28/20  Another trip up Iron Mountain. This time the 15 miles and 7,000' of gain took about 7.5 hours. A decent time considering it was my first time hiking it in the heat. 90 degrees, no breeze, and running out of water halfway down, made for a brutal day!

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Heaton Saddle II

4/11/20 What started as a hike to Bridge to Nowhere was changed by unusually high water and strong current on the East Fork. Unable to make the crossing, we instead hiked Iron Mtn up to Heaton Saddle. A nice hike despite me being bitten by a little "yapper" dog!

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Bear Creek

1/23/20  Dad and I head out to Bear Creek for a 14mi, 3000' Patagonia training hike. An awesome day with no humans, lots of bushwhacking, and some dicey trail.

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Smith Mtn

12/29/19  A trip with Tara up Smith Mtn with plenty of snow on the ground. Almost 7 miles and 1,500' of gain, combined with finishing in the dark, made for a fun day.

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Heaton Saddle

12/1/19  First trip back to Iron Mountain in a while, just after a big snowstorm in the local mountains. I made it a ways past Heaton Saddle and got in about 4,000' of gain.

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Bridge to Nowhere

11/7/19  A third trip to Bridge to Nowhere with my Dad. This time, without time or weather constraints, we actually made it all the way to the bridge! Always a beautiful trail, especially on an empty weekday morning.

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Iron Mountain V

3/3/18  What was supposed to be a partial hike up Iron Mountain ended-up being a summit in rain, sleet, and snow. The conditions made for a slow 8 hour pace, but 7000' of gain in these conditions made for an epic day.

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East Fork San Gabriel River

6/24/17  A fairly spontaneous trip to the Bridge to Nowhere trail made for a great adventure. Only my second time on this trail and the first for my Dad. There was significantly more water than last time I was here, which meant plenty of fun water crossings.

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Mount Baden-Powell

6/20/16  Mount Baden-Powell is one of the most prominent peaks in the San Gabriels, and features some amazing views. Unfortunately, the views on this day were marred by smoke from a wildfire. Almost 22 miles and 6,000' gain in 90+ degree temps, plus some added excitement from the wildfire, made for a very long day.

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Iron Mountain IV

11/29/15  Another trip to Iron Mountain. This time not on New Year's Day, but instead joined by both my Dad and Dustin. It was a little slower paced day, but over 15 miles and 7,000' of gain is brutal at any pace!

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Mt. Wilson- San Gabrielino and Rim Trails

7/1/15  Another trip to one of my favorite SoCal spots, the Gabrielino and Rim Trails on Mt. Wilson. This time as a hike with my Dad for over 21 miles and roughly 4,500' of gain.

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Iron Mountain III

1/1/15  Another New Year's day trip to Iron Mountain. It's becoming a tradition. Almost an hour slower than the year before, but over 15 miles and 7,000' of gain is always a great way to kick your butt and kickoff the new year!

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Iron Mountain II

1/1/14  A return trip to Iron Mountain. This time on New Year's day with almost no snow. The 7 hour pace was considerably slower than my previous 5:34 run/hike time, but not bad for hiking a 15 mile trail with over 7,000' of gain. With a 2,000'/mile section along the way, it's still unquestionably the toughest downhill in SoCal.

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