San Gabriels

Aside from Mt. Baldy, there are a lot of other great peaks in the San Gabriel range including Mount Baden-Powell, Iron Mountain, and Mt. Wilson.

Iron Mountain V

3/3/18  What was supposed to be a partial hike up Iron Mountain ended-up being a summit in rain, sleet, and snow. The conditions made for a slow 8 hour pace, but 7000' of gain in these conditions made for an epic day.

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East Fork San Gabriel River

6/24/17  A fairly spontaneous trip to the Bridge to Nowhere trail made for a great adventure. Only my second time on this trail and the first for my Dad. There was significantly more water than last time I was here, which meant plenty of fun water crossings.

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Mount Baden-Powell

6/20/16  Mount Baden-Powell is one of the most prominent peaks in the San Gabriels, and features some amazing views. Unfortunately, the views on this day were marred by smoke from a wildfire. Almost 22 miles and 6,000' gain in 90+ degree temps, plus some added excitement from the wildfire, made for a very long day.

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Iron Mountain IV

11/29/15  Another trip to Iron Mountain. This time not on New Year's Day, but instead joined by both my Dad and Dustin. It was a little slower paced day, but over 15 miles and 7,000' of gain is brutal at any pace!

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Mt. Wilson- San Gabrielino and Rim Trails

7/1/15  Another to trip to one of my favorite SoCal spots, the Gabrielino and Rim Trails on Mt. Wilson. This time as a hike with my Dad for over 21 miles and roughly 4,500' of gain.

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Iron Mountain III

1/1/15  Another New Year's day trip to Iron Mountain. It's becoming a tradition. Almost an hour slower than the year before, but over 15 miles and 7,000' of gain is always a great way to kick your butt and kickoff the new year!

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Iron Mountain II

1/1/14  A return trip to Iron Mountain. This time on New Year's day with almost no snow. The 7 hour pace was considerably slower than my previous 5:34 run/hike time, but not bad for hiking a 15 mile trail with over 7,000' of gain. With a 2,000'/mile section along the way, it's still unquestionably the toughest downhill in SoCal.

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