3 Day- 2016

Not quite in shape for the 24 hour version in 2016, I opted for the 3 Day version instead. 54 miles and 15,500' of gain, including the long tram-less South Ridge route on San Jacinto. Still a definite butt kicker!

Day 1- San Jacinto via South Ridge

6/22/16  21 miles, 6,000' gain
I decided to make the Challenge a little harder by not using the tram for San Jacinto and instead trying South Ridge, one of the longest routes to the top, and a new one for me.

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Day 2- San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek

6/23/16  19 miles, 5,400' gain
Most all the San Gorgonio trails were closed due to a fire last summer, so I took the only viable route. It was my first time doing Vivian Creek in non-snowy conditions.

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Day 3- San Antonio via Devil's Backbone

6/24/16  14 miles, 4,100' gain
I had only taken the Devil's Backbone route as part of a race before, so it was great to experience it at a more leisurely pace. The ridge trail makes-up for the miles of otherwise mundane fireroad.

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