Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley. Enough said. Home to some of the very best day hikes in the world. Over the years, during at least 15 different trips, I think I've covered every square foot of trail in the Valley. Starting in middle school, and continuing today, I'll never get tired of spending time on the trail here.

Summer 2020

A late summer trip with Dr. Rock and his family to Yosemite Valley. Staying in a luxurious cabin with gourmet home cooked food was definitely a new way to experience the Valley. 40 miles of trail in 3 days covering Sentinel Dome, Taft Point, Half Dome, Mirror Lake, and McGurk Meadow made for an awesome week.

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Winter 2015

For years, I had wanted to visit Yosemite Valley during the winter. Despite having been to Yosemite at least 15 times, I had never seen the iconic views in the snow. A trip to Sacramento with my Dad gave both of us a chance for a side trip to see those views and check an item off our bucket lists. It was an amazing experience.

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Summer 2008

A fantastic camping trip to Yosemite with Dustin. We spent one tourist day on the Valley floor, and then hiked Half Dome and Eagle Peak in consecutive days. It's tough to find two better day hikes than that!

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