Some of my best trail running experiences have been outside the United States. What better way to truly experience a country than to be immersed in its wilderness.


A once in a lifetime trip to Patagonia across both Argentina and Chile to celebrate Dad's 80th birthday. From Buneos Aires, to El Chaltén, to El Calafate, to Torres del Paine, to Santiago and Valparíso, it was a trip to remember forever!

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Another trip definitely not in Southern CA, but a chance for some all-time favorite trails. I was able to spend time on the trail in Andorra, the French and Spanish Pyrenees, and Montserrat, as well as some tourist time in Barcelona and Madrid.

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Definitely not Southern CA, but an amazing location for adventures. A rare trip brought me to Tel Aviv Israel and fortunately I was able to venture out to Old Jerusalem for a historic tour and then to Galilee in the North for some great trail running.

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