San Jacinto

The second highest of the Big 3 peaks, San Jacinto has some of the best forest single track in SoCal. And there are several routes to the top other than C2C that still don't involve taking the tram.

Marion Mtn IV

4/21/21  Another trip up Marion Mtn, this time almost a snow trek. 13 miles and 4,500'of gain on a beautiful clear day with temps in the 20s on top. And a storm just starting to roll in as I finished.

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Willow Creek

10/22/20  A little bit different route to the summit this time. Up Devil's Slide, through Skunk Cabbage Meadow, across Willow Creek to Long Valley, to the summit, and then back down via Wellman's Cienaga. 22 miles and just over 5,000' of gain.

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Tahquitz Peak

7/10/20  Another trip up Devil's Slide with my Dad almost 8 years since the last time. Once we hit Saddle Junction, we went separate ways for a while as I tagged Tahquitz Peak, Skunk Cabbage Meadow, and got mildly lost on the "trail" to Carumba Overlook.

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Marion Mtn III

6/11/20  A quick trip up the Marion Mtn trail. Great to see a bit of snow still left in mid-June. Almost 13 miles and 4,500' of gain always makes for a perfect day.

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Spitler Peak

12/10/17  Another chance to explore a remote trail on San Jacinto. This time a totally different type of terrain, one that really resonated with me for some reason. Just under 11 miles and 3,000' of gain.

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Black Mountain

11/19/17  Another obscure trail on San Jacinto. Though not as remote as Seven Pines, Black Mountain is a great little 8 mile trail with hardly anyone on it. With some of the best views in SoCal on top.

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Seven Pines Trail

10/29/17  Another trip up to San Jacinto, this time trying the Seven Pines trail for the first time. Very remote, hard to follow, and gorgeous singletrack. Combined with losing the trail badly for a while made for a great 9 mile adventure.

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Skunk Cabbage Meadows

10/15/17  A short 11 mile hike up the Devil's Slide trail, through Skunk Cabbage Meadows, and out to Tahquitz Peak. I had to change my original plans because of the fire area closure, but it was still a great route!

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Marion Mtn

8/13/14  A training hike with Dustin for an upcoming backpacking trip. We summitted San Jacinto via the Marion Mtn trail. 12 miles round trip, around 4,300' of gain, with fully weighted backpacks, up to almost 11,000' elevation. A great day!

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Devil's Slide

10/7/12  Back to San Jacinto, this time with my Dad. We started at Humber Park, went up the Devil's Slide trail, through Wellman's Divide, and to the summit. Over 15 miles and 4,700' of gain on an early Fall day with perfect weather.

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Deer Springs and Wellmans Cienaga

8/1/10  A bit out of shape, and a bit injured, I decided to just do a relaxing day hike on one of the trails I had snow trekked last winter. I guess it's a good thing when 20 miles and over 5,500' of vertical gain is an easy day. Sections of this route are hands down the best Southern CA trail I have been on so far.

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