Three Sisters Loop

50 miles in 4 days, 2 with Dr. Rock and 2 solo, around the Three Sisters Loop in Central Oregon. Volcanoes, glacier capped peaks, and some serious dehydration made for another great adventure. Combined with an excellent side trip to Crater Lake National Park.


9/26/15  Before starting the loop, we drove down to Crater Lake National Park for a warm-up hike and some great views.

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Day 1- Pole Creek

9/27/15  We started out from the Lava Camp trailhead on a 29 degree morning in late September, covering almost 15 miles past the Matthieu Lakes, through the Pole Creek burn area, and on to a small lake for the night.

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Day 2- Green Lakes

9/28/15  Roughly 11 miles around the southern end of the South Sister, past Broken Top, Green Lakes, and Moraine Lake. Unfortunately, Dr. Rock got badly dehydrated and had to cut his trip short.

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Day 3- Wickiup Plains

9/29/15  Around 15 miles over the Wickiup Plains, past Reese Lake, and then through the Obsidian Limited Entry area, before stopping below Opie Dillock Pass for the night.

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Day 4- Opie Dillock Pass

9/30/15  The last 9 or 10 miles up and over Opie Dillock Pass and back to the Lava Camp trailhead, with a side trip up the Yapoah Crater along the way. End to another amazing journey.

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