Rae Lakes Loop

5 days and 4 nights with Dustin around the famous Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon National Park. Almost 50 miles filled with everything from bears and snakes to lakes, near hypothermia, and a wind blasted Glen Pass at nearly 12,000'.


9/21/14  Before heading into Kings Canyon, we stopped at Grant Grove to check out the General Grant tree.

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Day 1- Upper Paradise Valley

9/22/14  The first day took us from Road's End to the start of the Rae Lakes Loop and then North up Paradise Valley for almost 12 miles and 2,500' of gain.

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Day 2- Arrowhead Lake

9/23/14  The second day brought us past the Castle Domes, onto the John Muir Trail, past Dollar Lake, and up to beautiful Arrowhead Lake at 10,292' after another 2,800' of gain.

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Day 3- Rae Lakes and Sixty Lake Basin

9/24/14  We arrived at Rae Lakes early on the third day, setup camp, and then took a side trip to Sixty Lake Basin. A great way to extend the trip and add about 5 miles and 1,500' of gain.

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Day 4- Glen Pass and Junction Meadow

9/25/14  Day four was the big day, up and over Glen Pass. 1,500' up to the pass, which was incredibly windy, and then down almost 4,500' the other side with jaw dropping views of Kings Canyon.

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Day 5- Roads End

9/26/14  The fifth and final day on the trail was a short one as we headed the rest of the way down Bubbs Creek and back to Road's End. Successful completion of our amazing journey.

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9/27/14  The day after finishing the loop, we spent some time in Sequoia National Park and visited the General Sherman tree and Crystal Cave.

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