Cottonwood Lakes

A short, but epic, backpacking trip with Aidan in the Cottonwood Lakes region of the Eastern Sierra. 15 miles over two days. Aidan's first campfire, first time in a tent, first time in the snow, and lots of first animal sightings. Definitely a great adventure!

Day 1- Acclimating

8/26/18  The first night, we drove up to the Cottonwood Lakes walk-in campground to acclimate at about 10,000'. It was Aidan's first chance for a campfire and to sleep in a tent.

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Day 2- Lakes 4 and 5

8/27/18  The big day, as we head out on the Cottonwood Lakes trail and transition from car camping to legit backpacking. We would camp for the night at a gorgeous spot between Lakes 4 and 5.

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Day 3- Heading Out

8/28/18  Aidan had a bit of altitude sickness, so we decided to head out a day early. After a beautiful morning at the lakes, we played in the snow, and then hiked nine long miles back to the trailhead.

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